FCH has clients ranging from banks, companies and large corporate groups in M&A deals, irrespective of the size of the deal. FCH ensures that clients benefit from its vast experience and handling, advising on structuring M&As including:

Structuring issues
▪ Joint ventures
▪ M&A, Demerger/spin-off a division into a separate company
▪ Buy-back of shares
▪ Leveraged buyouts and slump sale
▪ Reduction in share capital
▪ Winding-up and repatriation of the proceeds

Drafting transactional documents
▪ Including Share Purchase Agreements, Shareholders Agreements, Joint Venture Agreements, non-compete and non-disclosure agreement, escrow agreement, stock swap agreement etc.
▪ scheme of arrangements to be placed before High Courts Corporate and Security Law issues

– Listing and assisting clients in compliance with regulatory requirements
– Government approvals, statutory filings
– Tax benefits available to companies after restructuring

– All necessary and related due diligence prior and post structuring
▪ including intellectual property due diligence.

FCH assist clients in cross border M&A in various sectors such as technology, telecommunications, manufacturing, construction, natural resources, financial institutions, consumer goods etc.