Note from the CEO

Advocate Maruf Hasan, ACCA

“We will continue to advocate our consulting house as a responsible protagonist and encourage commitments of our employees, clients, partners and stakeholders to play their part to achieve common goals to operate and meet the challenges of sustainability in the foreseeable future.”

Businesses are evolving faster than ever in a global flavor and Bangladesh, an export-oriented country where international trade lies in the heart of its growth, global business negotiations are playing vital role towards its success.

Keeping this in mind I have accumulated a pull of professionals, consultants, and experts who have tested knowledge and track record of global business transactions, experiences & presence to formulate a unique Legal and Professional Consulting Firm in delivering a one-stop services to clients in Bangladesh. Our philosophy and ethics are guided by our values; to satisfy our clients’ demands with value-adding sustainable solutions.

In addition, one of our core aims has been to deliver services in philanthropic approach. We have been formalizing our CSR & Sustainability thoughts, so that we can keep good precedents for the generations ‘Y’. Our followers will be directed by our consultants for a Better Shape in the Future. We are determined to fully utilize the talents of all our people as they are the real assets of our firm. With our reinforcement, we can make genuine contribution and promote the Triple Bottom Line concept to our clients, business partners and stakeholders for the sustainability of the world (as well as our own wellbeing) in which we live and operate.